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How it works

We ask and answer a lot about your needs and preferences

Interview and Screen

We ask even more, clarify, and verify


We introduce you to likely matches until one "clicks"

Draft an Agreement

We get everyone on the same page (literally!)

Trial Match

Two weeks, no obligation

Matched with Support

Regular check-ins, and plenty of help as needed

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  • Questions before applying? Write us or call us at (916) 360-0074.

  • Apply, either online or on paper. We can even snail mail an application to you (or a friend!) or take down your answers by phone.

  • We'll also ask for an ID document (e.g. driver's license) and 3 references (not family or friends).


  • Next, we arrange an in-person interview to discuss your app, and ask more about your needs and wants. ~ 30-60 min

      • For Hosts, this will be at your home so we can also check out your property.

      • For Guests, we can interview you wherever convenient, or by phone/video call.


  • We use just a dash of programming and a lot of shared wisdom to pick a great possible match for each Host and their situation. We share the possible Guest's profile with the Host (except for identifying information)... and repeat as necessary.

  • Your Matchmaker arranges a meeting between Host and Guest, in person or by video, where you both find out everything you need to know about each other as possible housemates. We'll help make sure you do!

  • We'll also share with you both all that we've learned about how homesharing usually works out best for everyone. 1 hour

  • Oftentimes, one or both of you will want some time to think it over before committing. But if not, then even at this same meeting you can...

Draft an Agreement

  • You, your match, and your Matchmaker all work together on a "Living Together Agreement" that will be a legally-binding part of the rental agreement or sub-lease.

  • We use a great template for this that thinks of everything: lifestyle, privacy, services... including the kitchen sink!

Trial Match

  • Except for emergency matches (e.g; when the Host needs a Guest right away to afford to stay in their home), the Guest first moves in for a two-week trial match, bringing just their "road trip stuff."

  • To keep the trial match no-obligation (and honest), the Guest must keep their existing housing... so that it's easier for either side to end the match if it's not working out.

  • You both may also find things to adjust in your Living Together Agreement, other expectations, etc. No problem!

  • If it's working well, then congratulations, you have a match!


  • Your Matchmaker will check-in on you after the first two weeks, then monthly, and then every two months for the whole match, periodically in-person, otherwise by phone/video call. We're with you for the long haul!

  • Your Matchmaker is committed to answering any questions or concerns.

  • With everyone's honesty, commitment, and wise matching, serious conflicts are rare. But even in the worst case, we can mediate issues if they come up.

  • (In reality, just knowing that a third person will be checking-in keeps people showing up as their best self).

Hosts and Guests can be:

  • any age

  • homeowners or renters

  • singles, partners, or families

By building a broad, deep pool of qualified applicants, we're able to find the best fit for the criteria you tell us matter most.

"It got to where we simply couldn't afford a home without sharing it. But now after a few years, I actually love having 'neighbors down the hall'!"

- Marta, Host

Why homeshare?

People usually start homesharing for financial benefits, including valuable exchanges of household services for rent.

But research shows they keep doing it for the comforts of just having someone around, new connections... not to mention all the broader community benefits.




Who's eligible to apply?

We'll match anyone as a Host or Guest in a home within 40 minutes' drive of western Placer County: from Nevada City to Elk Grove, from El Macero to Placerville. That said, we're currently prioritizing making matches which involve at least one senior (60+) currently living in Placer County... including if they are matched as Guests in nearby counties.

What about COVID? (Updated)

We help Hosts and Guests agree on reasonable COVID rules they can both live by.

These include vaccination preferences, day-to-day precautions, and plans for quarantine or isolation in the event of infection. And we gladly accommodate requests to conduct business remotely, however feasible.

Do I choose who I live with?

Yes, but not like you'd pick a thing out of a catalog. We maintain the privacy of all of our applicants and suggest matches that fit you best. But both Host and Guest have to agree to proceed through each step. If either side doesn't, then we suggest other likely matches.

How long does it take to find a match?

We prioritize those in urgent need of a match. But besides that, it really depends on your stated needs and preferences. Rent far from market prices? Lots of dealbreakers? Be honest about your needs, but don't be too fussy about all your druthers.

And of course, you can always speed things up by helping to [spread the word about us] and deepening our pool of applicants.

How long will the match last?

We all spend enough time and energy making a match that it's not worth it for an intended stay of less than one year. That said, some programs' matches last an average of 3.5 years... that's a lot of satisfied housemates!

What if one or both of us want to end the match?

We strongly recommend monthly rental agreements so that either party can end the match with just a month's notice (but no less!).

When this happens, we find out why the match ended, and use this info to re-match folks more successfully. In rare cases, we may decline to match them again at all.

What services can people exchange?

So many! Things you take for granted doing every day may be out of reach to others (literally!). You don't have to be an IT expert to open up the Internet to someone for the first time. You don't have to be a therapist to let someone feel heard. And don't forget that Hosts can provide services to Guests, too!

However, nursing or personal care (e.g; medicine management, feeding, bathing) can only be provided by people legally allowed to (e.g; In-Home Supportive Services providers).

What background checks do you do?

We require three references from both Hosts and Guests (not including family, friends, or romantic partners). That plus their criminal and financial history gets put to the "Would I match this person with my mother?" test.

If we see a "gray zone" concern on their record, we may decline to match the applicant unless they allow us to disclose the concern to potential matches. This would be done before that applicant's identifying information is disclosed to maintain their privacy.

Will I be safe sharing a home?

Historically, homesharing has been remarkably safe.

In fact, homesharers usually report that living with another person actually makes them feel safer in their home, under a variety of scenarios.

And property-wise, we conduct a thorough inspection of Hosts' homes for safety issues at their in-home safety interview.

Are there any costs?

None to you! That said, if your match is working out pretty well after a month, we ask you to consider a sliding-scale suggested donation of about $50.

And keep in mind that matched Hosts and Guests save costs in utilities at least, and potentially in subscriptions, transportation, groceries, or whatever else you establish in your Living Together Agreement.

Can I talk with someone who's done this before?

Easy... most of our team have personally shared a home many times, and are glad to discuss it! Besides that, we will certainly be inviting established matches to share their experiences in a variety of ways, while staying as private they prefer.

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