Apply at the links further down this page, but first:

Don't waste your time, know what you're getting into! Read "How It Works" and at least skim the Frequently Asked Questions after that.

If you need a room to rent quickly, please first check our current and upcoming availabilities to see if there appears to be a fit for you.

1. Apply

  • You can apply either online or on our paper form (which we're glad to mail you, too). ~ 10 min

  • Here we ask Guests their maximum sustainable monthly rent + utilities. We would NEVER undermine a Guest by disclosing this number to their potential Hosts.

    • But if a Host offers $350 and a Guest says their max is $300, we will NOT contact that Guest about that room. Make the best "bid" you can that you're 100% confident about, assuming the room/Host were a pretty good fit.

2. Interview/Screen

  • Hosts: As soon as you apply, we'll be in touch right away to arrange an in-person interview, usually at your home. ~ 2 hours

  • Guests: We do the same as soon as we see that your application is a match for someone else's (but not before). ~ 1 hour

  • Our background checks (on Host and Guest alike, which we pay for) will require your Social Security Number (or ITIN) and your drivers' license/State ID.

3. Matchmaking

  • We write, post, and manage inquiries to an advertisement on behalf of our Host clients. We post it across a variety of channels, while protecting the Host's privacy at all times.

  • We contact each potential Host about each vetted Guest candidate. We share a lot of relevant specifics (not just our "up or down vote,") but while protecting the Guest's privacy, too.

  • When a Host agrees to meet with a Guest, we make the introduction in person at the Host's home, break the ice, and make sure all bases are covered.

4. Draft an Agreement

  • We, you, and your match quickly but thoroughly all work together on a "Living Together Agreement," which will be made binding as part of the rental agreement (our template) or sub-lease. And we'll help to tweak it at any time.

5. Trial Match (optional)

  • The Host may choose to ask that before signing anything, the Guest first moves in for a trial match of up to two-weeks, bringing just their "road trip stuff."

  • The Guest pays no rent to the Host during this time. However, that's because under the trial period, the Host may decline the match and ask the Guest to leave with only a day or two's notice.

6. Support

  • Once the match is made and the rental contract with Living Together Agreement are finalized, we're on the hook to support the match over its whole life.

  • We check-in with each of you after the first two weeks, then monthly, and then every two months for the life of the match (whether by phone/video call and/or in-person).




Who's eligible to apply?

We welcome applications for matches in any home of any kind within a 1-hour drive of Roseville, including Nevada City, Placerville, Lodi, Dixon, and Yuba City/Marysville.

We only have one eligibility requirement: that we would be glad to match you up with our own mother. If we find any "gray zone" items (e.g; health, criminal, financial) that we would want our own mother to know about before deciding on a match, we'll make positive that the person discloses those items to their potential match at the in-person match introduction, if not sooner.

How much does this cost?

None to you, ever! In fact, matched Hosts and Guests save money by splitting utilities, or even subscriptions, transportation, groceries, or whatever else you establish in your Living Together Agreement.

If this service is free, what's the catch?

We are not paid by Hosts or Guests, but by our funder. That means we act as an "agent" equally to both sides. We work to bring fairness, truth, and flexibility to a room rental market that is unfair, sneaky, and rigid for Hosts and Guests alike.

How choosy can I be about my match?

We do NOT help clients discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or citizenship. As soon as you ask us to do so, we can no longer work with you, so don't.

And anyways, choosing by vague, general labels like these can only cut you off from the perfect housemate. We get so much info exactly so that you can choose based on the specific pro's and con's that actually matter for each possible person/home/agreement.

What about COVID?

We gladly accommodate requests to conduct business remotely, however feasible.

We also help Hosts and Guests agree on reasonable COVID rules they can both live by (vaccination preferences, just-in-case quarantine plans, etc.).

Note: Although we don't require COVID vaccination and booster, almost all of our Hosts do.

How long does it take to find a match?

It depends on:

  • how particular your needs/abilities are

        • e.g; desired rent, pets, etc.

  • how many Hosts/Guests are working with HomeShare American River

        • You can help us and yourself by spreading the word about us

How long will the match last?

All matches are on a monthly rental contract, but the match must be be intended to last for at least one year (assuming both parties hold up their end).

That said, some programs' matches last an average of 3.5 years... that's a lot of satisfied housemates!

What if one or both of us want to end the match?

Our template rental contract makes it clear how matches end, and we can help facilitate move-outs to some degree. We use why the match didn't work to re-match folks successfully... as long as they held themselves as good as their word.

What services can people exchange?

So many! Things you take for granted doing every day may be out of reach to others (literally!). You don't have to be an IT expert to open up the Internet to someone for the first time. You don't have to be a therapist to make someone feel heard. And don't forget that Hosts can provide services to Guests, too!

While we don't get involved in medical care (e.g; meds management), we are happy to work with In-Home Supportive Services recipients and providers to augment and support their relationship.

What does your background check include?

  • credit report

  • previous address history

  • bad checks

  • CA evictions

  • nationwide/Federal criminal, sex offender, terrorist search

And we pay for it!

Will I be safe sharing a home?

Historically, homesharing has been remarkably safe. And homesharers usually report that living with another person actually makes them feel safer in their home than living alone.

Can I talk with someone who's done this before?

Easy... all of our team have personally shared a home many times, and are glad to discuss it!

Thanks for reading!

Application options:

Apply online (for fastest response):

Here for Hosts

Here for Guests

To protect your privacy, none of your personal identifying information will be shared with any potential matches until you both agree to be introduced to each other.

There's a lot of questions here, because you deserve to be fully heard about what you need and want in a homeshare.

So take your time, go with the flow, and if you hit a snag, no worries! We'll clarify everything in your follow-up interview, which we'll schedule shortly after receiving your application.

Apply on paper:

Here for Hosts

Here for Guests

Print and mail applications to:

HSAR, 4305 Roosevelt Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820

If you'd like any help or clarifications, or if you need accommodation to apply entirely by phone, just let us know.