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Don't waste your time, know what you're getting into! Read "How It Works" and at least skim the Frequently Asked Questions after that.  

If you need a room to rent quickly, please first check our current and upcoming availabilities to see if there appears to be a fit for you.

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Who's eligible to apply?

We welcome applications for matches in any home of any kind within a one-hour drive of Roseville.

We only have one eligibility requirement: that we would be glad to match you up with our own mothers.  "Gray zone" items (e.g; health, criminal, financial) are ones that come up with clients that aren't dealbreakers, but that we would want our own mothers to know about before deciding on a match.  We would never disclose such information ourselves, but instead we require that all clients disclose the "gray zone" items we flag to their potential match before any agreement is made.

How much does this cost?

None to you, ever!  In fact, matched Hosts and Guests save money by splitting utilities, or even subscriptions, transportation, groceries, or whatever else you establish in your Living Together Agreement.

What about COVID?

We gladly accommodate requests to conduct business remotely, however feasible.

We also help Hosts and Guests agree on reasonable COVID rules they can both live by (vaccination preferences, just-in-case quarantine plans, etc.).

Note:  Although we don't require COVID vaccination and booster, almost all of our Hosts do.

How long does it take to find a match?

It depends on:

What if one or both of us want to end the match?

Our template rental contract makes it clear how matches end, and we can help facilitate move-outs to some degree.  We use why the match didn't work to re-match folks successfully... as long as they held themselves as good as their word.

What services can people exchange?

So many!  Things you take for granted doing every day may be out of reach to others (literally!).  You don't have to be an IT expert to open up the Internet to someone for the first time.  You don't have to be a therapist to make someone feel heard.  And don't forget that Hosts can provide services to Guests, too!

While we don't get involved in medical care (e.g; meds management), we are happy to work with In-Home Supportive Services recipients and providers to augment and support their relationship. 

What does your background check include?

And we pay for it!

Will I be safe sharing a home?

Historically, nonprofit-supported homesharing has been remarkably safe.  And homesharers usually report that living with another person actually makes them feel safer in their home than living alone.

 Thanks for reading!

Application options:

Apply online (for fastest response):

Here for Hosts

Here for Guests

To protect your privacy, none of your personal identifying information will be shared with any potential matches until you both agree to be introduced to each other.

There's a lot of questions here, because you deserve to be fully heard about what you need and want in a homeshare.

So take your time, go with the flow, and if you hit a snag, no worries! We'll clarify everything in your follow-up interview, which we'll schedule shortly after receiving your application.

Apply on paper:

Here for Hosts

Here for Guests

Print and mail applications to:

HSAR, 4305 Roosevelt Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820

If you'd like any help or clarifications, or if you need accommodation to apply entirely by phone, just let us know.